expertise in physical models

Our simulation program: Sjubb

Harengus Physics developes it’s own multiphysics simulation package: Sjubb ®.

The evaluation and understanding of complex physical transport processes, generally requires the construction of a 2D or 3D geometry on which a mesh is defined. Based on conservation laws, valid on each element, a global solution (velocities, temperatures, concentrations) can be calculated by a simulation program.

Sjubb stands out with a very intuitive and clarifying user interface, which quickly makes you confident with the program. It features full pre-processing and post-processing. Currently, the following models are implemented

  • flow: full Navier-Stokes flow (segregated- or fully-coupled), porous/Darcy flow, potential flow and imposed flow (e.g. for rotating parts or conveyor belts)
  • turbulence: Shear-Stress-Transport model
  • energy: heat model
  • solvents: user-defined, transported by the flow
  • electro-statics and discrete current: this enables for instance to take Joulean heat into account
  • linear elasticity: in a displacement pressure formulation (also segregated- or fully-coupled).

    Sjubb is in continuous development and new models will be added in the near future. If you are interested to use the package in your company or school, please contact us.


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